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Due to the worsening situation of Coronavirus in India, Canada extended its cruise ship ban till February 2022.

And as per the latest reports, this ban will affect popular voyage destinations in Canada such as Maritime Provinces and St. Lawrence River on the Atlantic side to British Columbia along the Pacific Coast.

The cruise ban has been extended till 28 February 2022, and the rule is applicable for all cruise vessels that are capable of carrying more than 100 people. Initially, the country had banned cruise ships till March 2021, however, due to the rise of cases the officials decided to ban them until next year February.

Referring to this, Omar Alghabra, Canada’s Minister of Transport issued a statement saying that the Canadians continue to do their hard work to ensure to check the spread of coronavirus and the government officials are working hard to ensure that Canada’s transportation systems remain safe.

Omar Alghabra also said the temporary prohibitions to cruise vessels are a need of the hour to protect people against the virus. This also saves the healthcare works from working overtime which they have contributed for a whole of the year 2020.

Canada has also extended a ban on all adventure-seeking pleasure craft from entering Arctic waters. Those found violating this ban will face a fine of up to $5000 per day for individuals, or a $25000 fine per day for corporations or groups, this is a new rule in addition to banning cruise ships.

The government also issued warnings for Canadians boarding cruise ships abroad outside Canada as it has been reported that many Canadians are flying outside the country to escape harsh winters.

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