Report: Doctors unable to numb Aaron Rodgers’ painful toe injury

Aaron Rodgers has been playing through a toe injury for several weeks now, and the Green Bay Packers star is going to have to continue to fight through the pain for the remainder of the season.

Rodgers fractured his left pinkie toe while working out during his COVID-19 quarantine. He has opted against surgery to this point, and many have assumed he is receiving injections to numb the pain so he can play. However, ESPN’s Adam Schefter was told by a source that it is not that simple.

According to Schefter, doctors cannot completely numb Rodgers’ toe. The reason is that he needs to be able to feel his left foot to plant when he throws, otherwise it will drag.

Schefter also notes that surgery would require placing a pin in Rodgers’ foot, which is something he could not play through. That is apparently why Rodgers will not have a procedure, though he claimed recently that he would still be able to play even if he did.

As long as Rodgers can tolerate the pain, he will likely push the surgery off. He has six touchdowns and no interceptions in his last two starts and has appeared to move around just fine. At this point, Rodgers seems more annoyed about the information that is leaking than the injury itself.

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