Mosconi Cup: The legendary Earl Strickland returns to Team USA at Alexandra Palace

Earl ‘The Pearl’ Strickland returns to Mosconi Cup action for Team USA at Alexandra Palace from December 7-10 – live on Sky Sports; the legendary pool star admits: “I didn’t really think I would be back again. I thought I had passed that point”

Last Updated: 27/10/21 11:55am

Earl Strickland will return to Mosconi Cup action for the first time in eight years (JP Parmentier/Matchroom Multi Sport)

Mosconi Cup legend Earl Strickland will return to Team USA for the first time since 2013 at Alexandra Palace as captain Jeremy Jones’ first wild card pick.

Strickland carries legendary status in the game and has given fans some of the Mosconi Cup’s finest ever moments from claiming MVP in 2005 to battling with snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan a year later.

He joins Shane Van Boening and Skyler Woodward on the USA’s team so far with two more wild cards to be picked by Jones over the coming weeks.

‘The Pearl’ has won the joint-most amount of Mosconi Cup titles with nine and will go on the hunt for a historic 10th at Alexandra Palace from December 7-10 – live on Sky Sports.

“You’re playing for your country which is the most important thing. You’re playing for the love of the game and the competition is probably the most difficult in the world of pool. The pressure is difficult, you do not have a lot of time to prove yourself. Every shot is critical.” said Strickland.

“I still think I play as good as I ever did. Maybe my break isn’t as good as it once was. I still play a good game and I am capable of winning matches.

“That’s why I am not bowing out. If I knew I wasn’t capable of being a threat to win a match or point, then I would bow out and let someone else play. I can still play. I will be ready. I am healthy.”

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