Steven Donziger finally released from prison, will serve remainder of sentence at home

Attorney Steven Donziger is one step closer to freedom thanks to a COVID waiver that granted his release from Danbury federal prison.

Human rights attorney Steven Donziger, who’s spent his career working on behalf of marginalized communities, has finally been released from prison. Donziger announced the good news on Thursday that he would finish out the remainder his six-month sentence at home instead of at Danbury federal prison in Connecticut. “Huge step forward for our campaign,” Donziger wrote in a tweet, “But the battle for my freedom and to hold Chevron accountable continues.”

Donziger has 136 days to go, having begun his sentence on Oct. 27. Prior to that, he endured a lengthy house arrest totaling more than 800 days—all because of Chevron’s retaliatory actions. As you’ll recall, Donziger won a judgment against the polluter in Ecuador for $9.5 billion 2011 as part of a legal team representing more than 30,000 residents in the Lago Agrio region. The communities suffered severely from Chevron’s negligence as it polluted one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. Water and soil contamination, deforestation, and even health risks that include cancer and birth defects were all found to have been caused by Texaco and later Chevron, which purchase the oil giant in 2001.

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