Parler Chronicles: Good luck to Virginia’s Republican governor-elect dealing with his party’s nuts

One screenshot is worth more than 1,000 words: 

That frog, of course, is Pepe the Frog, a harmless cartoon connected into hate racist and antisemitic symbol by white supremacists. 

Republicans won Tuesday’s election in Virginia, sweeping the state’s top three statewide offices, and taking narrow control of the state House. Youngkin explicitly put distance between him and Donald Trump, doing everything possible to keep him away from the state.

While numbers are still being crunched, the strategy appears to have worked—while the Trumpy base turned out, bleeding only 300,000 votes from Donald Trump’s statewide totals in 2020, Democratic fallow between Joe Biden and Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe was around 800,000 votes. Not only did Republicans retain more of their base vote, but it seems like Democrats may have lost ground with suburban white women. (Though again, the jury is still out.) 

Now, we’re going to see what happens when a Republican wins on the strength of the Trump base, having explicitly refused to align with it. The demands on that post are exactly what Youngkin will have to fend off for the next four years: 

Now that we won Virginia for Youngkin here’s our list of demands: 1) Audit the 2020 Presidential election and the 2021 governor’s election 2) Ban all CRT in grade school 3) Reverse all gun control 4) Strengthen election laws 5) Make “Let’s Go Brandon” the state motto 6) Make Let’s Go Brandon license plate

“Let’s Go, Brandon,” of course, is the new conservative shorthand for “fuck Joe Biden,” because the “family values” church crowd has decided that profanity is actually okay as long as it’s directed at a Democratic president. 

“Ban all CRT” is particularly choice, given their hysterics over “cancel culture.” Again, conservatives don’t care about being hypocritical, which is a powerful advantage in the culture wars. As long as something is hating on someone, it’s valid, regardless of any internal logic. 

On the plus side, apparently, CRT is okay in middle and high school. We just don’t want the wee young ‘uns to know that, you know, racism is a thing. Young white ’uns, to be clear. 

Of course, remember that Democrats still control the state Senate, so there is a limit to what Youngkin can do, at least for the next two years. And he’ll need to keep those suburban voters happy by not being a monumental Trumpist asshole while keeping this Pepe base happy. It’ll be quite the balancing act. Just look at them: 


Oh no, he’s “working on banning ‘antisemitism’”! Weird alt-right nut with an even weirder username is already outraged about it. 


He’s not an antisemite, it’s right there on his site! His Trumpist base is already disappointed! Why, all that hopium is fading fast! 


Umm … what. 






Anyway, good luck to Youngkin, because he’s going to need it. As everyone knows, governing is already hard enough. And winning an election by flashing two different, diametrically opposed messages to win both the Trump rural areas and suburbs will inevitably lead to disappointment with all sides. 

And these guys will be leading the vitriol and spittle because, for some weird reason, Youngkin won’t be “auditing” an election he fucking won

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