Oh, cool, no major newspaper put the Mark Meadows PowerPoint coup presentation on their front page

Major newspapers around the country seemingly ignored putting the threat to democracy above the fold or even on the first page.

On Thursday, it was revealed that former White House Chief Mark Meadows—who’s been riding high on the absurdity of his latest book—turned over an email to the Jan. 6 Committee featuring a PowerPoint presentation presenting a host of options to prevent Mike Pence from certifying the 2020 presidential election. The PowerPoint includes recommendations like declaring a national state of emergency, invalidating all electronic votes, and informing lawmakers of foreign interference. Curiously, the major threat to democracy was nowhere to be found on the front pages of major newspapers around the country.

A quick look at the Newseum’s Freedom Forum archive of daily papers shows a whole lot of local issues mixed in with tributes to the late Bob Dole. Major papers like the New York Times and Washington Post put Dole’s memorial front and center, with below-the-fold articles on the pandemic, foreign policy, and other pressing issues rounding out the rest of the page. A look at many states’ largest newspapers by subscribers appear similar in their covers, though some stand out for the prevalent advertisements and lighter fare. Newspapers have to retain their readers somehow, though a major story like Meadows’ big revelation seems like an awful lot to overlook.

Sure, it’s not as fun as his alarm at Trump’s Diet Coke button or joy that the president, who put countless people’s health at risk while downplaying his own COVID-19 diagnosis, was able to score some McDonald’s in the hospital. But it’s a hell of a lot more consequential than a late-to-the-party New York Times piece on the “Birds Aren’t Real” meme movement that started in 2017. It’s also not as hard to believe as you’d think that, behind closed doors, Trump’s team was working overtime to keep Biden out of the Oval Office.

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