Fox News will require vaccine passports for Fox News event in … DeSantis’ Florida

Is it possible for both a company and the individuals working for said company to be filled with more [email protected]%t than even the sum of their parts? Fox News has time and time again defied all constructs of decency, intelligence, and morality. On Friday, Fox News sent out invites to raise themselves some money at what is being called an “award show.” The network that has turned its audience into the biggest believers in public health misinformation want everyone to meet up!

The event is Fox Nation’s Patriot Awards 2021! Wowsers! It will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 17, in Hollywood, Florida! (GET IT?!?!?!?!?!) Tickets range from $125 for a plain old Patriot ticket up to $500 for a Patriot Gold ticket. “Special guests” will include all kinds of Fox Nation favorites like Tucker Carlson. Barf! Patriots are about freedom and Trump and the freedom to be you and me. No, it means the freedom to just be them everyone else be damned!

Probably unrelated fine print from the event: “IMPORTANT: In order to attend The Patriot Awards, all attendees must show either (A) COVID vaccine card OR (B) a negative COVID test taken 72 hours prior to the event. Before entering the venue, your vaccine card or negative test will be verified by a Fox Nation team member in front of Hard Rock Live. Once confirmed, a colored wristband corresponding to the package you purchased will be provided and you can proceed into the venue.”

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