Anti-vaxx Chronicles: This guy REALLY thought Ivermectin was the answer

Literally no media reported on a poll that claimed that 9% of respondents had died of COVID, because no such poll exists. Sheesh, doesn’t even pass the smell test. (And of course, there’s no sourcing on that meme.)


“If you don’t believe that one thing I believe, then ALL SCIENCE is suspect” — conservatives.

These kinds of memes are extra stupid, because we can just as easily say: “if you believe that COVID is a hoax and that Ivermectin is a cure and that masks don’t work, then. you do not believe in science. You believe in a political ideology.” And this formulation would be far more valid. 


If you really believe China infected the world … why would you be opposed to countermeasures to protect us from that supposed attack? 

Their logic is literally 1) China attacked us, so 2) we won’t wear masks or get vaccinated to protect ourselves, so 3) … profit!


Dr. Anthony Fauci and President Joe Biden are saying “NOPE” to the virus by wearing a mask. Ben Shapiro is like “please infect me.” 


“China attacked us with COVID, and Biden is letting in millions of more people with COVID, so let’s not protect ourselves with masks and vaccinations!” 

COVID is either scary and we need to deploy countermeasures, or it’s not. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. 


Given Tuesday’s results, it’s clear it’s in Republicans’ interest to keep this pandemic going as long as possible, frustrating people who want a return to normalcy and creating supply chain issues that have led to higher inflation and a shortage of some goods. 

The vaccinated aren’t falling into any abyss, but the unvaccinated are dying and prolonging the national and global COVID misery. It’s working out great for the Republican Party, and they’ll sacrifice tens of thousands more of their supporters to keep the misery going. 


It’s just like that one time when Germany was trying to save their people with free vaccines against a global pandemic. Exactly like it. 

Imagine crying about “censoring speech” and “silencing opposition” when your entire political apparatus is hysterically trying to silence Toni Morrison and the critical race theory boogeyman? 


Dear god, do they want people with ebola and other diseases hanging around them out in the world? No, you shouldn’t be traveling with most of this stuff!

Thank science that many of those diseases have become so rare because, you know, vaccines.


“Hey you, this medicine won the Nobel PEACE price, you stupid person!”

Oh my. 

Meanwhile, Ivermectin did win a Nobel in medicine for, you guessed it, deworming and killing other parasites.  

Half of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded jointly to Campbell and Ōmura for discovering avermectin, “the derivatives of which have radically lowered the incidence of river blindness and lymphatic filariasis, as well as showing efficacy against an expanding number of other parasitic diseases”.

It’s a dewormer. It won a Nobel for deworming. Nobel in medicine. Not peace. Ivermectin didn’t bring peace anywhere. And certainly didn’t bring peace to parasites.

Parasites are bad. Killing them is good. 

COVID isn’t a parasite. Buying the horse dewormer version at your local feed shop is, indeed, so dumb, that you should sit the next few rounds out. 

Incidentally, “The Nobel Peace Prize 2015 was awarded to National Dialogue Quartet “for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011.” 


Could you imagine if they were this excited about something that actually worked, like the vaccines? 

Everything would be different. 


Literally no government says that. None. 

Meanwhile, there are governments that have controlled this virus from spreading. Looking at Australia, New Zealand, and Portugal to name a few. But their people aren’t as insufferably stupid as red America. 


Why is the right okay with unfettered gun access, but requires a voter ID to exercise an even more fundamental right? 

We can play this stupid game all day. 

People have to register to vote. There are requirements to exercise that right. 

So yeah, to function in society in the presence of a deadly pathogen that has killed millions worldwide, a COVID card should be required. 

OH OH … why don’t we require a COVID Card for voting? Would that work for them? 


If the argument is that everyone should require vaccination to receive government benefits, then sure! Sign me up. 

Will that also include driving on government-funded roads, attending government-funded schools, and partaking in every other facet of life which is funded or subsidized with government dollars? Because that’s an even better idea!


October 9, talks shit about welfare recipients not “contributing to society” in an anti-vaccination meme. 

October 20-ish, his dad dies of COVID

October 27-ish, his mom dies of COVID. 

Doesn’t mention their illnesses on Facebook. That would step on his narrative. 

November 3, he dies of COVID. 

Turns out horse dewormer might not have been the cure after all.

Still, I don’t understand what the praying is for. Aren’t Christians about loving thy neighbor and helping those in need? This guy literally posted a meme mocking the idea of “the common good.” Then took up a hospital bed with a ventilator, which we will pay for out of our own taxed pockets, and stressed our overburdened medical system. Let’s just hope no one else worthy died because of that lack of a bed. 

His ignorance killed him and his family. I just hope he doesn’t have any kids or anyone else who financially depended on him. That would be the silver lining to yet another unnecessary tragedy. 

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