Anti-vaxx chronicles: ‘It’s just the flu, so get over yourself’

Today’s cautionary tale is Susan.

If having an abortion was contagious, and forced other people to have abortions against their wishes, then yeah, this would be exactly the same thing. 




I visited lifepetitions dot com. They want Catholic bishops to excommunicate Joe Biden, because, you know, life. And then they want you to not vaccinate. Because life. 


… says the people flying Confederate traitor sedition flags…

But think about it, what is more perfectly “conservative” than comparing the practical and beneficial wearing of a cloth mask to protect yourselves and others around you, to the vapid symbolism of a Trump hat while humping the flag? 




Virginia is in the house. 


Pro tip: If you cough up blood … you’re not “fine.” 

Good news is, it’s just the flu. So we can tell Susan, Josh, James, Jordan, and Steven Lee to get over themselves. After all, stupidity spreads faster than COVID. Though … COVID seems to have caught up.


James is Susan’s husband. Josh is one of her sons. They’re in a rough place.

Meanwhile, Susan has COVID-19, in a house full of COVID-19, she was coughing up blood the previous day, and she needs to decide whether to go in to work. Because losing eight hours of sick time would be so much worse than infecting everyone in her workplace. 

We really aren’t getting out of this, are we?


It’s just the flu. Don’t vaccinate for “life.” They need to get over themselves. 


Clinical note, once O2 drops below the 80s, brain damage is taking place. They didn’t go into the hospital until it was in the 60s, dear god. 


This is where we find out that the whole family is overweight, a deadly comorbidity when it comes to COVID-19. They should’ve been extra careful and vigilant, masking, vaccinating, and avoiding social situations. But it was more important to give Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam the middle finger and share bullshit memes than it was to do actual research. And now, at least one of them is dead. And worse than that, he spent his last two days in the hospital alone and terrified.  


They are not even out of the woods yet. In addition to her husband, Susan may lose her son. (He was still in ICU as of two days ago.)

Buying into the “pro-life” bullshit cost this family dearly. Mocking liberals and Democrats trying to keep them alive cost them dearly. Fetishizing “pro-America flag” bullshit cost them dearly. 

And who knows how many others they’ve taken down with them? Because owning the libs remains, even now, a bigger priority than ensuring their own safety and that of their loved ones. 

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