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Torchlight: Infinite is a new entry in the long-running ARPG Torchlight franchise coming to PC, iOS, and Android that also happens to be a sequel to Torchlight 2. While there is no release date beyond 2022, sign-ups for the game’s closed beta are now open.

Those interested to participate in Torchlight: Infinite’s closed beta should head over to this link and sign up using a Gmail account. The beta will begin on January 18, 2022, in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; while signing up does not guarantee access, the team will try to get as many in as possible.

While the closed beta will be mobile only, the full game will feature cross-play and cross-save across all platforms. Furthermore, Torchlight: Infinite will be free-to-play and will contain no pay-to-win mechanics, with only cosmetic/non-essential items available for purchase.

The game’s story takes place in the era of Ember Tech, 200 years after the events of Torchlight 2. Since then, humans have embraced Ember as the main source of power for their machines and magic alike. It may seem like a prosperous time, but behind the scenes, chaos and corruption are brewing and the world and those who call it home are in grave danger. To combat this impending threat, a group of mighty warriors called Torchlight have become humanity’s last hope to save everything from falling into a darkness that has never been seen before.

The heroes of Torchlight: Infinite are meant to be customized and offer 24 talent trees with over 180 unique skills to unlock. Furthermore, attack skills have no cooldowns and can be activated repeatedly to stave off any and all threats. As players make their way through randomized dungeons that throw surprises at them at every turn, they’ll find valuable loot that powers up their heroes and shapes them into legendary

Although the full roster of heroes is yet to be revealed, we do know four of them – Carino, Rehan, Youga, and Gemma – and the different playstyles they offer. Those who love a good gun by their side as they charge into battle should take a look at Carino, a Divineshot specialized in casting deadly projectiles with dual wielding.

Melee fans will feel right at home with Rehan, a Berserker whose attack skills deal devastating damage at close range. Yoga is a Witness who likes to play a dangerous game in combat as he often manipulates spacetime to his own advantage. Lastly, Gemma is a Frostfire magic wielder who can fuse two raging elements and rain down destruction from afar.

Torchlight: Infinite will be available on PC, iOS, and Android in 2022 and signups for the mobile-only closed beta – which will begin on January 18 – are open at this link.

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