Random: Bizarre Animal Crossing: New Horizons Glitch Is Making Villagers Lose Their Clothes

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ new DLC, Happy Home Paradise, is a delightful addition to the main game that has already been keeping players busy for hours on end. But while designing holiday homes for new villagers is the DLC’s focus, a particularly strange glitch has been shifting some players’ focus onto… Other things.

Over the past few weeks, players have been reporting a bizarre error where villagers have been loading into the game entirely naked. As Eurogamer reports, it would appear the glitch has been present ever since the DLC’s launch at the start of November, and only seems to happen inside Happy Home Paradise’s cafe – one of the island facilities you unlock as you progress through the DLC.

While some corners of the internet will be less troubled by the glitch, it’s been causing quite a bit of confusion for those who weren’t expecting it to happen. If you don’t want to see fluffy villager butts and loose tentacles – oh dear – we suggest you look away now.

You’d imagine Nintendo would be pretty keen to implement a fix for this, so we doubt the bug will be around forever. Still, if you happen to stumble across a nude ostrich in your cafe next time you play the game, at least you now know what’s going on…

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