In Defense of Side Bangs: Here’s Photographic Evidence the Style Isn’t Dead

Leave it to the internet to wage war on our most beloved beauty trends. First, Tik Tok declared the good ol’ concealer triangle completely uncool. (In all fairness, we’re ready to let that go, too.) But then, side parts came under fire, and with them, our beloved side bangs. How can this be? Side bangs are widely accepted as the most flattering style for every face shape and forehead length, not to mention their uncanny ability to conceal overgrown roots and scraggly lengths. To put it plainly, side bangs aren’t just pretty, they’re useful, too.

In return for their decades of loyal service, it’s only right that we step in to defend them now and take a firm stance on this polarizing subject. We’re pro-side bangs in this house! And we’re not just being stubborn, either. We actually believe the classic style still has legs. But don’t just take our word for it. Ahead, find 25 of our favorite examples of side bangs in all their glory. Scroll on to see the proof and prepare to re-commit.

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