Yung Miami Seemingly Respond To Comments About Her Behavior At Her Daughter’s Birthday Party

We outside! Whenever Yung Miami is at a function, it’s guaranteed to be some fun moments! Yesterday her family and friends showed up to celebrate her daughter Summer Miami’s second birthday. It was indeed a family affair. Summer’s father, producer Southside, was in attendance along with JT, and the party was turnt up. The tutti-frutti themed birthday party was over the top in true celebrity fashion, but it seemed like the adults were having more fun than the children. 

Various activities entertained everyone, including temporary tattoos with Summer’s face, fun beverages, and even a mechanical bull. Yung Miami shared a clip of her son Jai riding the mechanical bull, but she stole the show when she got on the bull and quickly tumbled off. The fun didn’t stop there. Yung Miami took it up a notch when she got low on the dance floor and had that thang thangin’.


Her mother, Keenya, captured her daughter, throwing it back on the dance and dropping into a split. Although she had a great time today, she seemingly addressed some of the backlash she received over the party. She tweeted, “I don’t care what y’all will and will not do. How are y’all was raised or grew up. I do TF I want to do at my functions.”  The Roommates seemed to side with her on this one. One commented, “LMAO, every Black family knows that after you sing happy birthday to the kids, the after-party for the grownups begins.”

Roomies, drop a comment and tell us what you think about Yung Miami’s behavior at Summer’s party.

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