Saweetie Is Back At It With More Interesting Food Concoctions—This Time It’s All About Spaghetti & Ranch Dressing! – The Shade Room

Roommates, while Saweetie is known for her music, fashion, and sense of humor, she is also known for her very interesting taste in food—as she regularly shares with fans her out-of-the-box food preferences. In a recent video, Saweetie gave her fans a look at what she likes to put on top of her spaghetti…and it’s not just sauce.

Saweetie got social media talking after she recently shared a video to Instagram of her putting a very generous amount of ranch dressing on top of her spaghetti—which caused an instant debate about whether ranch and spaghetti is a regular food preference.

In response to the online uproar, Saweetie commented on Twitter, writing:

“Wtf was ya’ll eating growin up??? Ya’ll must’ve had a boring a** childhood”

As we previously reported last month, she shared her own concoction of a raw oyster with Ramen noodle chicken seasoning sprinkled on top. At the time she said, “I don’t know why I just be walking around my house and then, boom! I got an idea and I be like, ‘I need to put this on an oyster or I need to make this concoction.’ So, this is the concoction I’m gonna make today.”

She added, “I like, have dreams about recipes and when I make them, they taste good. I’m just really a foodie, y’all. Don’t mind me.”

As a self-proclaimed foodie, we can’t help but wonder if a food endorsement or culinary product line is in Saweetie’s future.


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