Amanda Knox Gave Birth To A Baby Girl ‘Months Ago’ — See 1st Photos Of Daughter Eureka

Amanda Knox and husband Christopher Robinson welcomed a baby girl recently, but held off on sharing the news to avoid a paparazzi circus. See photos of her daughter here!

Amanda Knox has given birth to a baby girl! The 34-year-old shared the news of her birth to the New York Times in a recent interview, revealing that she purposefully told listeners of her podcast, Labyrinths, she was still pregnant to fend off attention. The podcast, which Amanda hosts with husband Christopher Robinson, 39, was used to document their pregnancy journey together, although the new parents didn’t reveal their daughter, Eureka‘s birth date, hoping to avoid a media circus. SEE THE PHOTOS HERE! 

“I’m still nervous about the paparazzi bounty on her head,” Amanda shared with the outlet. “I will say I’m excited to not have to keep pretending not to be a mom. ’Cause it’s like, my brain is just there.”

Amanda Knox is all smiles. (Antonio Calanni/AP/Shutterstock)

Amanda was famously accused of murdering her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, while studying abroad in Perugia, Italy in 2007. Amanda’s Italian boyfriend at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, was also tried, and the pair were found guilty in 2009, with Amanda sentenced to 25 years in prison. In 2011, their convictions were overturned and they were released, however, they were retried in 2013. After being found guilty yet again in 2014, both Amanda and Raffaele appealed the decision and were ultimately acquitted.

Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox. (Serena Campanini/Shutterstock)

“Since my exoneration, I’ve struggled to reclaim my identity and protect the people I love from being exploited as tabloid content,” Amanda wrote on Instagram on Oct. 22, posting the photos of she and Eureka. “It’s not easy, and I often feel like I’m trying to invent good choices out of bad whole cloth. I know that I cannot 100% protect my daughter from the kind of treatment I’ve suffered, but I’m doing the best I can. Which is why this will be the only picture of her I will ever share on social media.”

The new mom continued, “I’m so grateful to everyone who has wished [Christopher] and I well on our journey to parenthood. Thank you for believing in us.”

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