Be prepared: It’s a cliché for a reason

According to Tony Spence, for a district to be ready for everything, it has to constantly be preparing for something. And maybe be a little bit lucky.

In this conversation with eSchool News, Spence, chief information officer at Muskego-Norway School District, details his district’s recent major AV implementation and how it dovetailed with his district’s decision to remain in-person during the COVID crisis.

eSN: When we look back at last spring, it was almost as if a lot of districts were in triage—just making basic connections, getting folks together, and things like state testing were out the window. Are there things from your experience that you think that your district will draw out of that and apply going forward?

TS: Yeah, for sure, although I think we’re yet to determine where we’re going to land from this in terms of best practice and opportunity of efficiency and other things—how we care for our people, how you respond in a crisis. I’m proud about how we were able to respond to all of our stakeholders, including our staff of all types, as well as our students and our families.

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